Our Vision

We just love Re-Connecting people to the things they loved from the past.   To see someone’s eyes light up and a smile grow as they talk about the memories of the items they see.  The stories are to be valued and preserved.

Our Story

Imagine two totally different thought processes colliding together in the world of ‘things’… one a saver and one a tosser.  Meet John and Melissa.  They meshed their individual collecting styles and have created Vintage Mercantile and Auction.  They discovered that the joy is in the hunt, and then connecting others to their treasure!

Meet the Team

Chief Collector – John Niece

John has been a collector of sorts all his life.  As a youngster he collected stamps and coins from around the world.  Later in life sports cards and now EVERYTHING.  He sees the value in each and every item however once he has had them and enjoyed them for awhile he’s willing to pass it along to the next collector.

Chief Organizer – Melissa Niece

Melissa was never a collector, she has the motto of  “if it doesn’t have a purpose it doesn’t have a home”.  Yet she has discovered that saving a useful item from the garbage heap or finding a way to re-imagine it has gotten under her skin, so some crazy things get a new life. But truly loves passing the treasures on to others who can see the value in them. 

Security in Training -Lilly 

Lilly is Security in training right now, she’s still learning her manners!  Loves to give the kiddos a lick on the face and will give many the Wiggle Butt greeting.  However, don’t mess with her peeps, she can get upset! 

Next Steps…

Have something you collect?  Let us help you find it.  Come check out the store in person or online, or better yet get a GREAT deal at our ONLINE Auctions!