Come browse the shelves for treasures you never thought you needed!  Ask us for what is new or let us know what you are looking for and we will be on the hunt for it!  Check out our ONLINE Auctions or even one of our ONLINE stores, so you can shop from the comfort of your own home.  We ship most everything or you can pick up in person.

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Downsize your Collection / Estate / Complete Home Clean Outs

Let us help clear those boxes out or work with you and all of ‘Mom’s Stuff’ that she kept knowing that you would want it ‘someday’!

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Add to YOUR Collection

You can find us at 5005 N Market in Spokane in the Historic Hillyard Market St District.  We hold Auctions ONLINE, once a week, ending on Wednesday evenings at 7pm PST.  Check out our Auction Page for details.  The rough and tumbled Hillyard has turned into a quaint street of shopping for Vintage and Collectibles.

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At Vintage Mercantile we strive to bring you back to the past that makes you smile.  Let us help you re-connect to those great memories!  We LOVE to hear the stories behind items we have for sale that jogged a specific memory  and hearing the stories behind the items we are acquiring.